Senior Pastor - Richard Thomas 

RichardPastor Thomas was converted while at Clemson University. Since then he has thirsted for the knowledge of God's Word and for opportunities to share biblical truth. Discipleship has been a big part of his life. He spent several years discipling college students prior to attending Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. The last twenty-eight years have been spent in the pastorate, preaching the whole counsel of God to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Another special passion is making all believers aware of Jesus' call to be a part of reaching the entire world for Christ. A biblical world and life view, where every aspect of life and every discipline of life is seen as a way to bring glory to God, is also emphasized.

As the main teacher in Mt. Calvary's pulpit ministry, he longs to communicate the content of the Bible, while making it practical for everyday living. He does this by teaching and preaching from the Old Testament, the New Testament, by presenting theological issues and topics, but always by preaching the Scriptures.

Pastor and Mrs. Thomas have four children.

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Administrative Assistant - Ruthie Bloxham


Ruthie has served as Mount Calvary's administrative assistant since 2015. She and her husband Don have four children.   





Organist -