261120The Gospel - Good News

Sin has separated us from God, our Creator. Learn how Jesus Christ has made reconciliation with God possible here.

309348Listen to Sermons

The pastoral ministry of preaching is the most important one Mount Calvary provides. Visit here to listen to a number of sermons from the past few years including conference topics from a number of speakers.

261116Preparing for the Lord's Supper

Mount Calvary celebrates the Lord's Supper on the fourth Sunday of every month. Each month, our observation of the supper alternates between morning and evening services. Preparation for the supper is very important for every individual. Visit here to learn more about what proper preparation looks like.

309345What do Presbyterians Believe?

Every denomination is distinct. Presbyterianism is rooted in the Protestant Reformation which began in 1517. You can learn more about Presbyterian distinctives here.


261117Westminster Standards

Scripture is God's authoritative revelation to the church of Jesus Christ. For Presbyterians, the Westminster Standards are a summary of what is taught in Scripture. Visit here to find links to each of the elements of the standards.